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Enter the cookie

September 5, 2011

Welcome to my welcome post! I’m Ali, aka ToughCookie. I live and work in New York City, where I train in and teach Krav Maga, cook meals that use every dish in my too-small kitchen, and attempt to try every variety of macaron the city has to offer. I have a keen interest in health and fitness issues, which doesn’t prevent me from seeing just how many baked goods are improved by filling with ganache (count so far: all of ’em).

I’m hoping to use this blog to share new health ideas and tips, debunk myths, and offer the unique perspective of someone who voluntarily gets punched, kicked, kneed and elbowed several times a week.

Stay tuned for more crumbs of wisdom!


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  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA sooooo much! Can’t wait to read!

  2. kebechet permalink

    Aw yeah, Ali! ❤

  3. Now I want ganache for breakfast!

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